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Antalis are proud to be working with one of the 20th Century’s greatest British photographers, Don McCullin, to realise a three-volume Limited Edition retrospective of his life’s work. Extensive evaluation of papers for this project has led us to launch our Carefully Curated campaign. The campaign focuses attention towards a considered range of papers deemed to be the ideal choice for especially high-profile print collaborations.

The Carefully Curated campaign also gives Antalis customers a fabulous opportunity to participate in our photography competition. Get the opportunity to win signed copies of Don McCullin’s Limited Edition publication, Irreconcilable Truths.



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‘These Feet In Ancient Times’

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Both Don McCullin’s sublime English landscapes and his parallel social documentary essay capturing – over the course of fifty years – how the British live represent one of his most important projects; with a significant portfolio of these images having been acquired by the Tate, and being exhibited at Photo London in May 2016 and at the Les Rencontres d’Arles exposition in July.

Alongside McCullin’s photography, William Blake’s introduction to his poem ‘Milton’ continues to inspire just as much today as when it was written over 200 years ago, commenting on the land we live in, the beauty of our landscapes, and also our changing relationship with the land and how we live; and therein is our simple brief.

We invite you to submit your own photography, with the best entries winning a signed copy of Don McCullin’s Irreconcilable Truths.

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