Don McCullin at Photo London

On Friday 20th May, Antalis and Don McCullin hosted a Reception at this year’s Photo London event and revealed for the first time copies of his Limited Edition lifetime retrospective, Irreconcilable Truths.

Don McCullin’s ‘An Alternative Palette’

‘An Alternative Palette’ features a vivid essay of Don McCullin’s rare colour photographs taken in Indonesia during the 80s. With over thirty books and catalogues in print, Don McCullin has only ever published – or for that matter exhibited – his black & white photography. Yet, as a contribution to its Carefully Curated programme, Antalis is proud indeed to […]

Don McCullin's An Alternative Palette

Don McCullin & Antalis Papers

Over the course of the past two days, Opal Print (in Somerset in the UK) has hosted Don McCullin for an intense process of evaluating papers for the printing of a planned three volume Limited Edition publication of his life’s work.

Don McCullin testing Antalis papers at Opal Print